Hell we all know Baygasmic-

Tony Scotsiphrenic-

And M Night- Shamalmaniac-

But now a new word has entered not only Terminator Lexicon but watch for it to appear alongside D’oh and other gramatically correct words soon in major English dictionaries.

It is a conjunction coined by good friend  who wishes to remain nameless- due to her insane idea actually getting written about.

You take ROSS…that’s my first name….and take the ending from insANE and combine them wherein a new word is given flight-

ROSSANE (TM) Adj. The descriptive term used when describing an action sequence. One that gets more and more over the top throughout its duration- yet somehow manges to come to an insane- sorry ROSSANELY plausible conclusion.

Here’s a few examples of correct useage of ROSSANE-

“Dude your Baygasmic shit can go suck my Rossanely awesome action sequences ass!”

“That movie was SO ROSSANE- Dude!”

“Dude I’m going to go ROSSAINING!” “Dude that SPORT has a real name it’s called PARKOUR!” “Oh Yeah…but what the hell it’s STILL ROSSANE!”


I leave you with this word of warning to Terminator writers and fans everywhere.

Just try out ROSSAINING me….see what happens.