Work on T5: Ashes of War is progressing very well.

I have taken a very interesting path towards the completion of the script. I went in knowing the beginning and the conclusion. And I started writing from start to finish as usual and as usual the script is a cocktail of my ideas for a Future War trilogy along with ideas from J.C. himself. My Terminator writing and my talks with J.C. have been hand in hand over a 15 year period. And I am exceedingly just happy to be able to bring these possibilities to to you.

Terminatorfiles has my T4 script at their site- T4: Years of Darkness.

Writing on T5 has gone out of order- I jumped from the Start to the end and wrote the concluding set of scenes that ended up lasting 45 mins.

And now I’m going through the middle of the script to the start of the last 45 mins…ROSSANE indeed.

There is a good mix of Action and great drama and I’m very much looking forward to unleashing this beast of a script upon you.