Congrats Shane Abbess!!

My big time congratulations go out to young and exceedingly talented director Shane Abbess! A year or two ago he Financed/Directed/Produced a very entertaining Gothic Thriller Called Gabriel This movie took me very much by surprise when I picked it up on DVD just over a month ago. It has an intelligent and creative story, is well acted and filed with dramatic performances and action- it became an instant favorite with me.

Now Universal has hired this fantastic young director to develop and direct Source Code- a time travel thriller. My best wishes go out to Shane Abbess and his team…I just emplore them to stay away from a May release date. Because I’d rather see two potentially great Time travel films one after the other than eating into each others pocket books.

Once again it’s fantastic to be able to report a story of good fortune in the film industry. Go and prove you can do it in the big times Shane…congratulations again!