First: has information and preorder up for both DVD and Blu-Ray editions of Season One of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Regular DVD Link.

Secondly T: SCC has been given a 13 episode initial order for Season Two. This will give Fox and everyone involved in the show the time to create 13 absolutely certain episodes. And there could be more picked up later for a 22 episode season. I’m just exceedingly happy that all the hard work put into a Strike Shortened Season One was proved more than worth it. Congratulations to all involved.

Thirdly: The producers and director behind T4 are aiming for a PG-13 rating. As one would expect this created quite the brouhaha at the Huge boards at TerminatorFiles but I’m rather non plussed considering just how violent and bloody PG-13 can be these days.

And next: Variety reported that Rapper/Actor Common had been cast in T4. After a little digging I found some more information courtesy of a Hip/Hop type site stating that he would be playing Danny Dyson! Sounds cool to me.

On May 8th it was reported that production and therefore filming would go ahead despite strike fears.

And about 5 days or so ago I found an obscure article that linked to a piece on Teves a concept artist who worked on T4. It was good information but I will not post it…as WB has asked other sites to remove it from the internet.

And just yesterday I found a link to a BBC article with a statement for Co-Producer on T4 Kubicek that Bale had signed on for the entirety of the proposed 3 picture Future War set.

More as it breaks.