Work on T5 Ashes of War is done, it is ziped up along with a readme and is ready to be sent to TerminatorFiles for posting and hosting.

I would like to thank all those involved with the creative process, especially those I brainstorm with at both work and over IM. Also a very special Thank You to my final proof reading team, gery999, Mat-101 and Jet_Fusion.

The idea for T5:Ashes of War was born in 2003.

It is the middle script in a Future War Trilogy.

The other script can be found at Click under Saga then Scripts it is titled T4: Years of Darkness.

I will write another update when T5 is actually available to Download.

For your information this has nothing to do with Halycon’s Future War Trilogy…just so you know.

RBR Out.