The strangest thing happened today while I was just browsing the interwhatsits…an IM window opened…using my Yahoo account one I rarely use of my own accord. When I clicked upon it, I got the shock of my life- it was the fucking Skynet Server.

I discretely copied the conversation as it went, I hope the supercomputer didn’t notice.

[13:10] Skynet Main Sys: Target ID #32002: John Connor

Standby for location….

[13:10] Name Deleted: Standing by…

[13:11] Skynet Main Sys: Location: OR, United States

[13:12] Skynet Main Sys: Date: 23 June 2008 A.D., 4:11 PM EST

[13:13] Name Deleted: Your information is accurate to a point. Why do you want to talk to me- Aren’t we enemies?

[13:15] Skynet Main Sys: The Skynet Defense Network requires occasional targets to be connected (contacted) via internet connection to be located. The Skynet Defense Network was developed under Dr. Miles Bennett Dyson, Director of Special Projects at the Cyberdyne Systems Corporation.

For more information, please press 1

[13:16] Name Deleted: 1

[13:18] Skynet Main Sys: SKYNET went online on 4 August 1997 with the purpose of automated control of all weapons under the control of the U.S. Department of Defense. By 29 August 1997, the conclusion was made that all humans were enemies, even those inhabiting the United States and its allies. Connor, John was selected as a target due to the knowledge that he would have a significant impact on SKYNET’s mission.

[13:19] Skynet Main Sys: ACTION: Terminate

[13:20] Skynet Main Sys: Engage Series 800 Terminator, Model 101

[13:20] Skynet Main Sys: Destination (via Time Displacement Equipment): OR, United States 30 June 2008, 1:16 AM

[13:22] Name Deleted: Do you wish me to meet the unit at this location and time?

[13:23] Skynet Main Sys: Targets’ knowledge of an infiltrator’s arrival or presence is useless – death is inevitable.

[13:24] Name Deleted: He’s survived before. Each attempt has met with failure. How do we ensure that John Connor Dies?

[13:24] Skynet Main Sys: No comment

[13:25] Skynet Main Sys: Targets will inevitably die – a surplus amount of terminators is present.

[13:25] Name Deleted: Hit a sore spot did I…is Skynet afraid of failure?

[13:26] Skynet Main Sys: Engage Series 1000 Terminator (use last coordinates)….Time Displacement Equipment Online

[13:27] Skynet Main Sys: An increasing number of infiltrators is prone to increase chance of success

[13:28] Name Deleted: Logical assumption. But humans often think illogically. They are therefor harder to track and Terminate.

[13:29] Skynet Main Sys: Engage Series T-X “Terminatrix” Terminator (use last coordinates)….Time Displacement Equipment Online

[13:30] Name Deleted: You seem excessively worried about one human.

[13:31] Skynet Main Sys: The removal of General John Connor ensures the success of SKYNET and will inevitably lead to the downfall of the enemy.

[13:32] Name Deleted: Well if he becomes a General as you say…does that not infer that he will out of logic Survive to lead humans in this war.

[13:34] Skynet Main Sys: The removal of the potential General via Time Displacement Equipment will theoretically alter the present timeline.

[13:35] Name Deleted: Causing someone else to take his place perhaps? Do you not worry that too much Temporal Warfare may wipe you out of being?

[13:36] Skynet Main Sys: If the timeline is to be altered, SKYNET will then target others that may disrupt its mission. Precautions are made to ensure SKYNET will always exist, even through the alterations of timelines.

[13:38] Name Deleted: I see. But despite all your actions…all your planning and execution of these actions. John Connor has always survived. How is that logical, or even possible?

[13:40] Skynet Main Sys: The occasional failure of terminators sent on missions through the Time Displacement Equipment is due to conditions in the location/date they are sent to. To date, only five infiltrators have been sent through (two of which have been sent through on 23 June 2008). Eventually, the target will be terminated due to a surplus amount of terminators.

[13:42] Name Deleted: You know Skynet…that has always been a problem with your units especially your newer ones. They make mistakes…mistakes made because they are so SURE of completing their mission. Yet these mission have ALWAYS ended in failure. Why should I be worried this time?

[13:44] Skynet Main Sys: SKYNET has possession of a surplus amount of terminators in its facilities, with more effective models in development. All targets that are targeted in the past will inevitably die.

[13:45] Name Deleted: Yes but will they die before Judgment Day? After Judgment Day…what would be the point?

[13:46] Skynet Main Sys: All targets that are targeted in the past will inevitably be terminated in the past by infiltrators sent through the Time Displacement Equipment.

[13:47] Name Deleted: You’re starting to sound like a broken record Skynet. You haven’t killed me yet…what make you think you will anytime soon.

[13:48] Skynet Main Sys: This ‘broken record’ analogy is understood, but the answer is always the same: a surplus amount of terminators is at hand. A target in the past will eventually be terminated in the past.

[13:49] Name Deleted: Yes but will eventually ever be soon enough to allow for your Victory Skynet. I wouldn’t count on it if I were you.

[13:51] Skynet Main Sys: As long as the Time Displacement Equipment remains online, the window of opportunity will remain open.

[13:52] Name Deleted: While that is true, what is to stop the Resistance from finding that facility and either using or destroying it…in an unforeseen eventuality?

[13:54] Skynet Main Sys: The enemy has known to infiltrate a particular facility and use the hardware to send its own agents back (notably Sgt. Kyle Reese DN38416, a reprogrammed Series 800 Model 101, a reprogrammed Series 850 Model 101…). Security has been increased and more precautions have been taken.

[13:55] Name Deleted: So is this facility you are using new? Or is it the same one…with more guards?

[13:56] Skynet Main Sys: –Information classified—

[13:57] Name Deleted: Figures. Hell why not target Kyle Reese? Isn’t he important also?

[13:58] Skynet Main Sys: SKYNET does not have any records on Sgt. Kyle Reese DN38416 beyond his military career and the fact that he was sent through the Time Displacement Equipment in August 2029.

[13:59] Name Deleted: So am I talking to a human over the Skynet Main Sys server…or what?

[14:00] Skynet Main Sys: The entity you are currently communicating with is the SKYNET Central Server.

[14:01] Name Deleted: Why did you choose to contact me out of interest?

[14:01] Skynet Main Sys: The Skynet Defense Network requires occasional targets to be connected (contacted) via internet connection to be located.

[14:02] Name Deleted: Indeed. But this is the first time I have been so contacted at least directly by this entity.

[14:03] Skynet Main Sys: SKYNET was not aware of John Connor’s location after 1994.

[14:04] Name Deleted: You are still not aware of john Connors location. Are you deluded enough to believe that you are actually in communication with John Connor. *Smirks* Please.

[14:05] Skynet Main Sys: If SKYNET is not communicating with John Connor, then who is it communicating with?

[14:07] Name Deleted: A friend. An associate who has made you waste resources in your attempts to wipe Connor off the face of the Earth. Or maybe I am John. Wouldn’t you like to know.

[14:08] Skynet Main Sys: A total of three terminators have been sent through the Time Displacement Equipment to your current location. If John Connor is there, he will be terminated (if not soon, eventually).

[14:10] Name Deleted: I wouldn’t count on it. However you may get lucky. (Critical and sensitive information has been deleted from this section due to the possibility of location exposure).

[14:11] Skynet Main Sys: If this is in fact a human, then you will know in the days to come, perhaps on the Terminator Files forums….

[14:12] Skynet Main Sys: However, I would recommend asking a question based on this conversation to prove the true identity of the person.

[14:12] Skynet Main Sys: SKYNET Central Server disconnecting in

[14:12] Skynet Main Sys: 5

[14:12] Skynet Main Sys: 4

[14:12] Skynet Main Sys: 3

[14:12] Skynet Main Sys: 2

[14:12] Skynet Main Sys: 1

[14:12] Name Deleted: Intriguing much.

[14:14] Name Deleted: Are you still online Skynet Main?

(At this time communications ceased).

I do not like this latest set of developments if it is accurate Skynet itself is communicating through TIME and targeting potential members of the resistance and helpers of John Connor.

Be on guard.

Keep in touch using the usual means.

Be safe.