You know sometimes I wish I could go back in time and start this whole blog all over again or at least post a little more frequently. But alas time travel as we know has not been quantified as of yet. However I must report on a number of stange occourances that have been happening at messageboards that I frequent. It appears that a number of otherwise people who I assume are sane and rational thinkers have traveled FORWARD into the future!

These people not only claim to have traveled as far into the future as next year but on top of that they all claim to have done exactly the same thing. And come to the same conclusion as one another. These scientific geniuses have travelled into the future and have each seen Terminator Salvation.

Not only that but they are unanimous in the fact that it is a total travesty that sucks really really badly.

You know maybe just maybe you’re right…about the movie in the end sucking badly.

But my main question is…do you get frequent flier miles out of these trips?

Cause if so I might just have to borrow your time machine and rack up some boffo miles myself.