Oooops my bad it seems that I was wrong.

Apparently the trailer I’m about to link to is the extended perhaps final trailer to 20th Century Fox’s Max Payne.

Let’s watch it shall we.Max Payne Final Trailer

Looks cool huh?

Looks a lot like the games too huh…oh…not so much you say?

I agree.

Having fallen in love with Max Payne and having played through not only both titles on the PC but also the original on the Gameboy Advance I can see some…maybe one or two elements in the trailer that are consistent with the Max Payne Universe.

Max in the bedroom looking at his Dead wife and Baby.

Gunfire. Gunfire while diving forwards. Gunfire while flexing backwards.

But the rest of this shit. The rest of this shit looks like sub par Constantine Ripoff nonsense. And I must say it is looking (horrifically) like the absolutely nonsensical Max Payne script i tortured myself through reading not long ago.

As things stand I’ll hope to find Redemption elsewhere.