Where does the plot come from indeed.

The plot of a project whatever it may be is a set of events or circumstances that combine to tell a story. If you are working within a boundaries of an already existing universe then there are certain rules and expectations that you will need to follow or meet. Most of the times I attempt to exceed the expectations of those who take the time to read my work.

But where does plot come from?

After the break I’ll share some of the places and things from whence plots emerge.

As cheesy as it sounds a lot of plots come from real life experiences. Just as characters within those plots come from the personalities a writer observes throughout the day. Snippets of conversation, or a persons infectious laughter can plant a seed for a plot. Places you go, roads you travel, books you read. Everything life throws at you has the potential to become the seed for a plot.

Plot also is born of the imagination. Imagination itself is fueled by dreams and nightmares and even visions. They may be the wildest whirls of fantasy but even fantasy has a grip on reality no matter how small.

Plot is a combination of many and sundry things and I’ve only barely scraped the surface. Only because I want you to find you own plots for yourselves.

Be creative and plot away!