This writeup comes because I saw a program on the Science Channel called Next World and they featured a segment on Gina. And it blew me away!

I love concept vehicles and have always been driven by a look towards the future. And Gina is a bright, shiny and FABRIC COVERED look towards the future.

What the…fabric covered?!?

You better believe it. Click on more to see the shiny future of the luxury automobile of the future.

The pictures below are taken from Tuvie and I will place a direct link to the article at the tail end of this blog.

All the other words will be mine. So let’s look at Gina.

Gina Ready for the Road

When Gina is ready to roll she looks just like any sleek and sexy BMW Concept vehicle should and one would expect. But she has a few surprises in store.

Gina with her Engine and Doors Open for Inspection

“Gina can I see your engine?” And the Fabric parts because the substructure panels movie the fabric aside. The same thing happens when you ask for the doors to open.

In fact. Gina is so fucking sexy she doesn’t just turn you on…I mean her lights on…she OPENS them.

You know what my words hardly do it justice…and nor do these pictures.

But go to the link below and watch the youtube video, and have a bucket and towel handy.

You’ll want all of Gina too.

See sexy Gina in action!!