Last night I watched Sesason one of Terminator SCC through to see if there was anything I’d missed. As usual I was drawn from one thing to another but after watching the entire season and the first episode of Season 2 one thing stuck in my mind.

This was Camerons meeting with the Guidance Counselor who regardless of having his story cut short we can be pretty much certain that he was being very naughty. And most likely giving the students under his care more then counselling.

It is here at this point where we first see Camerons Mimicry of Emotions. For a lot of people it seemed like nothing more than they typical imitiation that a Terminator  could do of any human it encounters however, I disagree. On this occasion not only does she mimic Jordons words, voice, and inflection, but the emotions down to the very core. She nearly begins to cry.

If you watch the Counsellors reaction you can see how totally offputting this was. He had known Jordon closely and hearing this, and witnessing the rebirth of his last conquest through Cameron was incredibly unsettling for him.

It gave us a first look into just how complete her mimicry can be.

Since this is my blog I am going to muse. The story with the Guidance Counsellor  would have eveolved something like this. Over the next couple of weeks or months the counsellor would have kept looking into events, trying to find out who knew about the relationship. Cameron would have been doing the same, probebly with more success. In the end the Police or FBI would have become involved, at this point it is unclear what would have happened. But it would’ve made me smile if Agent Kester got involved.

The reason her Mimicry in Allison from Palmdale being more powerfull not to mention all the other times she has used it like in Samson and Delilah is because. Allison is who she observed and is based on who she was made to replace. Her mimicry of Allison thus would be highly highly effective. But she as such doe not HAVE emotions, but she does know howto use them.