By Ross Cooper

Recently I added your feed to my Bloglines mostly because ofsomeone linking to your original story about SCC being in grave danger in cancellation. We all have our own opinions and thoughts and they are valid to ourselves. We also have our own conduits of information mine happen to be telling me different things than your are telling you. This is often the case as well.

The facts however speak for themselves.

While the ratings are low, they are pretty stable.

While the ratings are low, Fox is happy with the Episodes themselves.

As a Reporter for SCS I have to take everything into consideration. And your original article bordered on alarmist and certainly conflicted with things I had discovered. It caused a huge and unhelpful deluge of confusion and dismay. But it also got fans talking about ways to save the show.

We already have lots of messages from fans on the boards who have done very smart and creative things to help inform Fox of their love for the show. I am involved in a couple of projects. Not the least of which is maintaining and constantly updating this Terminator Blog. Helping to keep it on the map. Making sure it gets seen more.

I appreciate your second post, and understand why it was written. However I still think you could have handled your initial post much better.

As a fan of everything Terminator sometimes being sensationalist in posts doesn’t help. Would it have been so hard for you to say- “I Love SCC let’s let Fox Know that the show is appreciated, just in case they’re thinking about taking it off the air”.

That would have worked just as well. Fans were already mobilizing as it was.

Fans aren’t sitting down quietly, in fact fans especially those at SCS are fully involved in a concerted effort to let Fox know. And in fact I can tell you, that Fox does know that the fans are rallying behind the show, just as we did last year. It’s just a little different this year, our plans and means, they way we are doing it is much more refined.

Fans have not and will not fail to let Fox know how we feel about our show.

The passion of fans for all things SCC cannot be stopped and will not be quieted.