In Salient Points I plan to take at each episode of the Sarah Connor Chronicles and boil it down to its most important parts. And generally vent about some of the injustices brought upon certain characters because of another. And bitch and moan as any good fan would about little problems and inconsistencies and downright stupid movesthat our characters make.

The story starts with a Dream Sequence that shows Sarah and John getting very busted.

A Terminator shows up, kills a bunch of Cops.

Sarah tells John to run (maybe she should have pointed out where) as he runs down the road instead of back into the school and away. But I digress, the Terminator shoots and Kills John, Sarah tells the Terminator to kill her. He decides not to waste ammo and use a few cunningly placed nukes. Of course since this is a dream…she only gets cuts and bruises while the Terminator gets picked clean of its skin. Throttles Sarah and Sarah wakes up.

With another guy. Uh oh. And she’s wearing a ring, double uh oh. They kiss and say cute things to each other. He’s a Paramedic who has to go on the early shift.

We cut to Sarah watching John wake with a start.

We have to go.

We’re not safe here.

No you’re afraid.

You love him!

I’ll make pancakes.

(Hey Sarah your rules state you should never become someone important or someone to take notice of. So let me get this straight. Because of a dream you run, from your FIANCEE (Who you’re already important to). Causing even more people to take notice of you. And according to John you’ve been there for 3 years.)

Not only that but you fail to change your identity.


So John goes to school and attracts hot chick.
Comes home hates that he’ll have to wear new clothes especially cowboy boots.
Gets in trouble for something we saw (in a scene not in the final air of the pilot).


Charlie goes to the Cops. FBI Agent Ellison shows up. Talks a lot about Sarah Connor eventually Charlie gives up Sarahs last name that hand alias she forgot to change Reese.

Later Ellison types it in. Updates the FBI Database. At an unknown location the updated information leads to data that shows they moved from Nebraska to New Mexico. In the reflection red eyes light up…Crap.

Recap: Sarah had a dream. She woke up and we find that she’s Charlies fiancee (Breaking the not special to anyone rule) because of that you take off…making you even more noticed …and forget to change your last name. Making you a TARGET of ole Red eyes.

John goes back to school.
Talks with hot girl aka Cameron.
Some serious guy comes in named Cromartie.
He takes roll call, and cuts a glock out of his leg. (I forgive them for the fx shot of the moving piston)
Red eyes fires on John.
Hits Cameron.
John escapes.
Sarah at work hears about a shooting at school.
Cromartie has John dead to rights.
Is hit by a truck driven by Cameron.
Cameron is Blue eyes.

John gets in.
Sarah gets ambushed by Red Eyes.
John calls Sarah and Tells Red eyes he’s going home.
Red eyes knocks Sarah out (yet still finds home first).
Red eyes talks like Sarah.
Shoots a hooded someone that sounds like John.
It’s Blue eyes pretending to be John.
Terminators fight.
Humans flee.
Blue eyes jumps into truck.
They drive away in fast forward.

Ellison gets there the next day.
Talks about the students seeing Red Eyes robot leg.

Blue eyes is from 2027 but does not know who created Skynet.
Sarah is incredulous.
Blue eyes can eat.

Blue Eyes, John and Sarah pay a nice visit to the Dysons.
They ask for help.
Blue Eyes shows her blue eyes.
Missus Dyson is pissed.
Lends them a car anyway.

Red Eyes shows up.
Gets backed into by the new Connor mobile.
Manages to shoot the shit outta Sarah’s shoulder.
Is blown up by a truck bomb made out of the Connors old vehicle. (Good thing they were certain they’d get help from the Dysons).

Blue eyes patches Sarah up.
They wait it out overnight.
They go to make a withdrawal the next day.

Blue eyes has a safety deposit box that she opened in 1963.
This is also the date the building was made.
She takes a gun.
Gets the keys to the vault.
Has them locked inside.

Ellison back in LA sees a picture of the trio on the banks security camera.

Blue eyes uses her fist to opne the box. (E. Boykins)
Passes out keys.
They start putting items on table from opened safety deposit boxes.

SWAT arrives.
Red Eyes arrives.
(How he figures out that they’re here is anybodies guess).

He begins to pull apart the door.
While Blue eyes assembles a weapon.
Then prepares a time travel device to travel forward.
Take the fight to Skynet. Stay in one place.

Red Eyes Breaks in.
Device is started.
Sarah blows Cromarties head off.

They arrive Nude….(good job).
They get shot on a camera phone…not so good.

They get off the freeway.
Cameron kicks some frat boy ass for clothes.
They find a new car.
And a new place.

Ellison misses a report on Sarah because the monitor is turned the wrong way but Charlie doesn’t…we can hear a woman talking to Charlie.

Gang hangs out in the yard.
Sarah expounds in a Voice Over.

“Gonna be a hell of a dog fight.”

The end.

Short Review: Sarah has a bad dream and a Fiancee…after being SAFE for 3 years…decides to move. Forgets to change alias. Lots of very bad and easily avoidable shit ensues. Time travel to the present time where they get almost immediately on the news. Plan to take things to Skynet.

Did I mention…I love this show to death.

Until next time.