Well I must say THAT is how to make a Bond Movie.

Judge: Quantum of Solace you have been charged with being no less than Quantum of Bourne. A shallow action centric flick with nary a whisp of plot. One dimensional and hollow. With scenes of action so incoherent they make Michael Bay look constrained how do you plead?

Not Bloody Guilty.

It is my pleasure as not only a Brit but a huge Bond fan to assure you that I have found the evidence frightfully lacking.

This is perhaps the classiest and most flat out awesome looking Bond film ever.

It is not supposed to be like any other, and I hope that it is not duplicated because IMHO it’s just that special.

Certainly there is a LOT of action. In fact the action begins from the opening frame and generally not more than 5 mins goes past before a short of long action sequence. However they are thrillingly edited and of optimal construction. I think my fave was the Knife fight in the hotel. Short fast hard and unflinchingly BRUTAL.

For a Bond film the plot which focuses on two aspects. Geo-engineering and the group Quantum and closure in Bonds quest for the Vesper Lynd situation. Bond is still angry, incensed at the loss of vesper but his path of destruction is one that is righteous. And while on the outs with MI6 his style and motives, and skills go from Kill first to think more then kill. IN the end he finds resolution and become the Bond we know. No longer full of grief and his final line atests to that.

Quantum is a huge group and we barely scratch the surface of it in QoS. The main villian is planning on setting up a Coup, while trying to hoard water because it will become the next big thing after oil runs out. Greene as he’s named is a sleazeball iof a villian but I loved that he wasn’t much of a fighter but really tried hard in his battle with Bond.

Kurlyenko was fantastic as Camillie and her arc was as well though out as 007’s. Her’s ending with a CRACKING conclusion.

M and Bond have fantastic chemistry, dame Judy Dench as always is amazing.

And needless to say for me, Daniel Craig IS Jame Bond.

This Bond is hard.

This Bond is dangerous.

It even seems he’s beyond MI6 control.

But the last lines put it better than I ever could.

M: I’m glad you’re back 007.

Bond: I never left.