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I think I’ll start off this post with a preface. Some of these connections will be trite and obvious and some others you may bot have even thought about.

5: Dark Angel premiered on Fox just like Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Fox has always been an interesting station when it comes to science fiction television shows. The either keep them on for too long, for a good example look no further than The X-Files. Or they cut shows off far too soon, like Firefly. Ironically Dark Angel came first and in the trades it was announced it had been picked up for a third season (the next day Fox passed on Dark Angel to go with Firefly).

4: Dark Angel was based in a Universe created by James Cameron.

Dark Angel was co-created by James Cameron and Charles ‘Chuck” Eglee. It has a number of things that James Cameron always embraces. It has a broken future. A deep and involving storyline. A great lead character with believable supporting characters. And lots and lots of creativity and boatloads of action.

3: Is that a Voice over I hear.

The majority of Dark Angel Episodes end with a voice over. This tends to reveal back story or something that the character found out or learned in the episode about their life. This did not always mean it would be focused upon Max. We also had at least one Voice over from Logan.

2: Similar season setups.

In the first season of Dark Angel the stories were quite closely linked. And episodes followed one another quite closely and sequentially. Season 2 while having an overall driving story line also contained episodes that had no true connection to those around it. In other words more stand alone stories.

1: Introducing relatively unknown actors.

Dark Angel introduced us to a slew of brand new actors each of whom I feel NAILED their parts. Jessica Alba of course as Genetically Engineered Max. Michael Weatherly now on NCIS first hit the small screen as far as I know in Dark Angel. Just about everyone in Dark Angel was brand new to the scene and they all did a fantastic job.

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