Sometimes I forget that this is also my personal blog, whre I talk about my writing amongst many other things. So tonight I wanted to share one of the most important aspects of writing, and that is the music you write to any why you write to said music.

Firstly I don’t always listen to music when I write. Sometimes writing itself comes naturally with a flow and beat of its own, there are times when I will write scenes or sequences without the help or benefit of a musical background. Often these scenes seem to have their own tempo and beat and can be the easisest to write. For the most part though differing projects inspire differing styles of music.

When I went back to work on T3: Final Retribution I listened almost exclusivley to the compositions of David Arnold specifically the soundtrack to Tomorrow Never Dies. Most often the music Iend up writing to just because it has a something that just feels right for the project. In this case the action tracks were listened to often, sometimes on infinite repeat.

While working on T4: Years of Darkness I listened to the T3 Scoring sessions. These sessions filled two Audio CD’s and featured every lick of music composed for T3 including one track with I believe 5 versions. A lot of the unused music from the film makes for great writing music. In this case the haunting works of Marco Beltrami helped keep my mind in a place of darkness and discontent allowing me to become much more involved in the story as i was writing the script.

Work on Air (Currently being professionally critiqued) was accompanied by a Power/Opera/Metal group named Nightwish. I got all the work I could of theirs and it’s really amazing, mythical, very lyrical and powerful. Towards the middle of the script I found myself listening to one track on infinite repeat, their version of Phantom of The Opera. For a script about and Assassin Vampire it seemed to fit perfectly. It helped keep my head in the story and not only that it once again reinforced the style of the project itself.

Music is a very powerful tool for a writer of any caliber. I highly recommend the use of music with writing it can often lead to a greater passion for both the story you are writing and the music which you are listening it can also introduce you to new groups or styles of music that you never had interest in before.