There is a feeling amongst a large cross section of the Terminator fan base that the Skynet presented in Terminator 3 is inferior to that of the first two films. Of course we know very little of the Skynet of T1, we know more though of the Skynet in T2. And it is quite impressive to say the least, but it is only one supercomputer in one lone location.

The Skynet System is two fold inT3.

One part is a Digital Defense Network called the Skynet Battlefield Managment System this is the part of the network that appears on screens it is in essence the Skynet OS.

Part two is discussed slightly and shown quickly via a series of short shots showing the vast network of interconnectivity between locations around the world. These locations are local, secured, and likely bunker hardened servers/computer systems located around the world.

The book tells us just why T3’s Skynet was a more frightening and different beast entirely.

Aside form being a GLOBAL NETWORK of hardened computer/server farms Skynets core computer is like nothing ever designed.

From page 22 of the Novel we find this chilling passage:

Skynet’s AI was an absolute marvel of Human Machine science and engineering. First stumbled upon by Cyberdyne’s Miles Bennet Dyson the computer’s main central processing units used Quantum Effects Chips. Until then computers were powere by chips composed of millions of transistors. Computing the old way was done using the Binary System- ones and zeroes, ons and offs. With the QE Brain in which 10 to the 54computations could be made each second, quadrillions of switching positions were possible, many of them simultaneously at each Quantum level. All of this happened down around the Planck length- theoretically the smallest measurement possible, so infinitesimally small that superstrings were the major league-league players;strange ten dimensional building blocks that were more than one thousand billion billion times smaller than a single proton in the nucleus of a hydrogen atom.

So not only was Skynet spread around the world but it’s A.I core was a Quantum Supercomputer (location unknown). And as you can tell from the above passage…it’s not something that’s hackable. Because which of the quadrillions of switching positions holds the right location for the base of the core itself. It could hid it’s programming in one place on second and somewhere else before you started to read this sentence.

In fact I’d argue that Skynet stores versions of itself and rewrites its code and security protocols almost continuously dumping versions of itself at its secure servers around the globe.

When you think of the possibilities and I am but scratching the surface, it’s enough to make the blood run cold and hope wither up and die.

A fitting adversary and perhaps even an unbeatable one?

We shall see.