Well here I am again SCC Season 2 Back 9 are fast approaching and a new trailer for The Good Wound was put online today.

Excellent stuff as always.

This however is not a post about SCC or any part of the Terminator Mythos really it’s all about something really big and really awesome coming in the near future.

Very soon I don’t know exactly when yet I will be blogging on Terminator for the Sci-Fi Channel Europe website!

They will also be launching sister sites in other countries including Russia where my work might be translated into said languages.

More information after the break.

Here is a picture of my scanned “contract” AKA my release and Assignment sheet.

Signing my life away ;)

Signing my life away 😉

My great thanks to Peter for capturing my attention with your plea for help at the Terminator Files Messageboards which can be found here The Awesome T-Files Boards.

Thanks for your faith in me and I look forward to blogging for a larger audience.

Ross Out.