Yeah I’m hearing it already.

Ratings went down therefore the show is OVER. There is no hope for it just write if off and get it over with now. Save yourselves the brainpower, abandon hope all ye who enter here.

I think it’s time for some perspective.

Yeah that weird thing that seems to get skewed when bad news comes.

First of all I’m not saying we shouldn’t be concerned.

Concern is good.

Calling out the sky is falling, is alarmist.

The show moved to a new night, a night which Fox has already stated is a night where it will take them longer to lower the hatchet. Regardless of what you might perceive Fox is not wanting to or relishing the possibility of silencing Sarah Connor Chronicles. The programming and the content of said programming Fox is very happy with, the DVR numbers which are really what ratings should be more based on now-a-days are once again fantastic. It’s those pesky broken Nielsens.

What? The what?

Yeah those ratings where select homes with a Nielsen box tell the world what all Americans are watching every night. Good in theory, and it used to indicative of something close to representative viewers, but now it’s simply done.

The NRS (Nielsen Rating System) is hopelessly outdated and was broken once everyone and their freaking CAT started owning their own televisions. At a time the limited number of Nielsen boxes might have represented a (already) skewed rating of the number of people watching a given show at a given time period. Now it’s just not funny anymore.

The number of T.V.’s to Nielsen Boxes is absurd in its discrepancy, now the Boxes show what an even lower percentage of people are watching than ever before. Simply because there are way, Way, WAY too many T.V.’s without a Nielsen Box, DVR itself is becoming a much more accurate way to regulate the number of people who are watching any given program.

Unfortunately not enough people have DVR either, though I’d bet you any money more people have DVR than Nielsen Boxes. Therefore the networks watch both Nielsen and DVR numbers, simply because if they were to just look at the Nielsen numbers they would get a wholly inaccurate reading of how many are ACTUALLY tuning in for their favorite show that night.

So what can we as fans of SCC do?

DVR it, spread the word about it, let Fox reps KNOW that we are rabid fans and we love our show. And the other thing we can do is put a little trust in the show to pull back to the numbers from the first half of the season. It has been one episode on the new Friday slot, and some fans might not have realized it was going to change.

The Nielsen’s need to die, not SCC.

Ross Out.