Well we are back watching all new episodes again and I know there are many of us whose “votes” don’t count, however that’s what my last Terminator blog was about and I’m not going there anymore after this line.

This episode picks up later the very same day and is called “The Good Wound”. Last we left her Sarah was passing out beside a warehouse in the middle of the boondocks with a major league dangerous gunshot wound which I KNEW was going to end up being exceedingly deadly. Read life threatening. All those I discussed the episode with were like no no…it’s just a gunshot to the leg, nothing bad there, it’s only going to leave a good scar it’s a good wound. 😉 It’s a bad fucking wound.

She ends up at the hospital, how we’re unsure of but they have her hooked up to a IV pole and there’s a deputy outside.

“On your feet soldier.”

Whoa! That was Kyle’s voice cool…and pretty darned effective. In fact IMHO it was more effective when it was just his voice and not voice and Vision!Kyle.

Sarah escapes and takes a Doctor hostage and they go to a hotel room to try and get that bullet out because it’s right nestled up the her femoral artery. Bad news. And it’s moving, double bad news.
Derek is off being a moron with Jessie again, because although he’s a Badass he’s a blind and often stupid badass. Sorry BAG you know it’s true, tell me you didn’t find her questions before you went to John at the hospital a little suspicious without looking away. “I didn’t fin-“ “You looked away LIAR!!”.
So John and Cameron took Riley-poorus-sex to the hospital and John tells Derek “I made the call deal with it.” Later when Derek leaves to help his mother Derek gets to throw it back in his face: “You made the call this is what dealing with it is all about.” Zing!
John Henry steals the show, the freaky nascent A.I. is first seen playing with Bionicles, and talks eloquently about the Metra Nui and all the Bionicle goodness. He then goes on about how his body was in New Mexico and then it tuned up in 1999, and how he got someone to give him a new body. And someone else to model him after BEASTWIZARD ALERT actor Lazslo. When Ellio’s goes, “John Henry how do you know all this?” “I logged onto the internet and ran a simple search using your name, James Ellison.”
Ellison is not sure if it’s smart to let J.H. be hooked up to the internet. “…thought it was a good way to let him find answers on his own.” Says Weaver.

John and Cameron end up loosing track of Riley…because Jessie busts her out of the hospital. At Jessies room she explains to Jessie that she did it all for the benefit of John because of the Suicidal Girl in Season One.

No one believes her even though Jessie says she can hang for an hour. “That’s alright freaky John Connor destroyer I’m outta here.”
In the hotel room they show a Scar on Sarah’s arm…while she’s talking about the T-1000. Many fans have griped “it’s on the wrong arm”- not if you just take it that they’re showing a simple scar as she’s talking about the T-1000. Hey…problem solved. But they can’t finish the job at the hotel and Sarah keeps pointing her damned gun at the lady Doc…they need to sneak back into the hospital.
The Po-Po get to the hotel too late but find head Deputy’s ex’s Hybrid. This will not end well.
They sneak Sarah into the hospital morgue on a gurney.
John Henry tells Catherine she’s a machine and he’s made of Coltan. He picked up a communication over an unsecured line about Coltan from the Warehouse Sarah had found.
“That’s not good.” “What are you going to do?” “Everything I do. I do for you.”
Bathroom fake out…and die….DIE….DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!
My God what a slaughterhouse.
Loved the arterial blood of the duo after the first kill. And the whole slaughter sequence was very nightmare inducing. Before I saw the episode I was a little concerned about that last kill people were saying she stabbed people from “across the room”. Guys…they were at most 5 feet from her….and she’s more advanced that the T-1000. The last kills were glorious and seeing her walking out of the Exploding warehouse was EPIC.
Derek blows up Sarahs Jeep at the Po-Po station…and then burns her file while both Deputy’s are outside…and steals the Chief’s Laptop. Golden.
Sarah finally gives up her gun and let’s herself be put under.
It is here we have that treescape dream from the early podcast.
And when she is about to wake Derek comes in.
And then Head Deputy comes in.
And then he verbally abuses his Ex- and she shoots him dead.
A few mins later.
“Is anything you told me real.”
“I was shot.”
Then we cut to Derek and Sarah driving out towards the Warehouse…and Sarah begins to explain to Derek about John. And being a class act in class act mode for once he stops her by saying.
“There’s no explanation required.”
They drive in silence and Derek sees a big plume of smoke behind a tall hill.
“Whoa Sarah, what’s that?”
“That’s where the warehouse was.” DUN- Dun-DUNNNNNNNN!!!

All in all a very good episode. I would have had more of Kyle Voice over Vision!Kyle but other than that and Derek totally ignoring Jessies rather obviously evil entreaties when he leaves to help John. I give it a solid A, a fantastic start to the second half of the season.