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Today I am writing a post in response to the teaser scene released today for the next episode of Sarah Connor Chronicles- Friday 8 P.M. on Fox…don’t miss it.

Titled To the Lighthouse one of the things that happens is that someone compromises John Henry.

Spoiler Clip

In the scene we see something eerie and frightening happen to John Henry. We must remember at this time that J.H. is very child like in his nature, he is learning everything as a child. And in this scene something very frightening happens to him.

He is hurt.


And he hurts his play friend Savannah.

All of this is exceedingly traumatic for John Henry.

But what did in fact happen, I want to expound on one possibility after the break. To get you in the right frame of mind think back to the season One Episode titled Queen’s Gambit.
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This is it folks.

Fox have announced that they are going to make a final decision on SCC Season 3 in May.

It is UP TO US to get the word out.

It is UP TO US to keep watching it every way we can.

It is UP TO US to get the ratings to continue to rise up.

The fate of SCC is UP TO US.

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One of the very last scenes in Ourselves Alone the latest episode of SCC has Cameron entrusting John with a pocket watch on a chain that she has turned into a Kill Switch. Since she cannot commit suicide. She places it around his neck, and after a few long beats he tucks it inside his shirt and leaves the garage.

It’s a great scene, to cap a fantastic episode but I have a feeling that as usual with Cameron things aren’t exactly as they seem.

One of the first things I noticed is that Cameron didn’t explain how that thing worked. There are three buttons on the inside of that watch. So as a writer that got me to thinking.

The Kill Switch isn’t real.

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Ross here.

Thanks to the folks at i09.

Io9 with New Salvation game news!

We have our first glimpse at the Salvation Ground H/K- I cropped it a little and uploaded it after the break.

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Here are direct DL links (Right click Save as I believe)

HD 480P48 MB

HD720118 MB

HD1080171 MB


Links courtesy of> Maestro on the T-Files Boards.

New images across the internets are being released in preparation for the trailer release in 25 minutes.

T-600 on the prowl.

The above is from Thanks io9!

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