One of the very last scenes in Ourselves Alone the latest episode of SCC has Cameron entrusting John with a pocket watch on a chain that she has turned into a Kill Switch. Since she cannot commit suicide. She places it around his neck, and after a few long beats he tucks it inside his shirt and leaves the garage.

It’s a great scene, to cap a fantastic episode but I have a feeling that as usual with Cameron things aren’t exactly as they seem.

One of the first things I noticed is that Cameron didn’t explain how that thing worked. There are three buttons on the inside of that watch. So as a writer that got me to thinking.

The Kill Switch isn’t real.

Now before you burn me at the stake let me explain fully.

The episode was all about gaining trust for Cameron. It was about Cameron in her own roundabout way making sure her connection to John Connor is as solid as possible. That connection is solid and by the end of the episode She is ready to put her “life” in his hands.

So she creates a Pocket watch with 3 buttons in it and somehow supposedly buries an explosive charge near her chip. She once again doesn’t explain how the three buttons work because she doesn’t have to. It’s a dud, a test to see if John has learned the most important thing.

Not to trust metal.

If John triggers the kill switch it will prove to Cameron that John Future and John Present are one in the same. Because John will finally have admitted to the danger of even reprogrammed Metal.

If the Kill Switch falls into other hands the results of the triggering of the Kill Switch will bring about differing outcomes.

If Sarah triggers the Kill Switch it will confirm for Cameron that Sarah has her head on straight, and in a twisted way will confirm to her that Sarah will continue to make a good if dangerous ally.

If Derek gets a hold of the Kill Switch and triggers it, it confirms for Cameron that there is always going to be a distrust of Cameron from Derek. This stems from The Basement in the future. There will always be a natural animosity between Cameron and Derek.

If Jesse triggers the Kill Switch then Cameron knows beyond any doubt that Jesse was trying to stop her from completing her mission. It will also out her to the others as long as they’re nearby, and she hasn’t already been outed.

Cameron is exceptionally smart and it would be very like her to put those people around her to the ultimate test.

What do you think of the Kill Switch?

Do you like my take on it or not?

Discuss below.

Ross Out.