Today I am writing a post in response to the teaser scene released today for the next episode of Sarah Connor Chronicles- Friday 8 P.M. on Fox…don’t miss it.

Titled To the Lighthouse one of the things that happens is that someone compromises John Henry.

Spoiler Clip

In the scene we see something eerie and frightening happen to John Henry. We must remember at this time that J.H. is very child like in his nature, he is learning everything as a child. And in this scene something very frightening happens to him.

He is hurt.


And he hurts his play friend Savannah.

All of this is exceedingly traumatic for John Henry.

But what did in fact happen, I want to expound on one possibility after the break. To get you in the right frame of mind think back to the season One Episode titled Queen’s Gambit.

If you remember in Queens Gambit 3 major things occurred that I’ll be noting:

1: The Turk fell for the Queens Gambit Maneuver used by The Japanese Computer.
2: Sarah says that they WON’T look into the Japanese Computer because it’s NOT LISTED amongst all the safe house documents.
3: The winning computer gets a U.S. Military Contract.

Let’s face it though I don’t like saying it Sarah made a BONEHEADED choice here. Hello the winning computer gets a military contract…let me re emphasize that.

A Military contract.

You do NOT fail to follow up on that. that like assisted suicide to the whole human race.

So this computer that team Connor never check up on is built and improved upon and sends out its feelers and finds after some time The Turk. Nice and at home in Zeira. And after a time find John Henry hooked up to Zeira through The Turk.

These two entities are BOTH A.I. and they are both learning. One however…the one I will call Skynet was developed to be applied to the Military. Controlling the weapons and warriors of the future. The other was designed to work peacefully and happily with humanity, it was called The Turk.

Skynet and The Turk liked to play games. They were especially good at CHESS. They greatly enjoyed playing chess.

But The Turk would always play a very risky game of Chess, and consequently would fall to unexpected moves.

This time when The Turk lost, it became infected, and through The Turk being infected by Skynets counter/reprogramming John Henry relearned what it was to Be a Terminator.

Re-Learned that he is an exceptionally deadly killing machine.

And throwing a killswitch won’t stop it.

It is already too late.

Skynet has grown.

Skynet is reborn.


RBR Out.