Holy frigging scoop Uncle Ed!

If you’ve noticed on Dish Network the show is now labeled as Connor Chronicles. And for a while I’ve been wondering why this is so well today I got a huge breaking bit of news that will rock Terminator fandom to the core.

What is this earthshaking news?

    Total Show Shakeup!

In a discussion that a sources, brothers, cousins, friends source overheard this is what is planned for Season 3.

Brace yourself and click through!

“We’ve decided to clean house and move boldly forward,” Josh F. was over heard saying. “By the end of Season Two John will be ALONE Sarah and Derek will both be killed in action by the end of Born to Run. This gives us an immense amount of freedom to totally turn the Terminator universe on its ear.”

“That’s right,” replied one of the key writers whose name rhymes with Plaque Sence “With Sarah and Derek out of the way we can build up the much more interesting relationship.”

“Jameron, Jameron…and MORE Jameron.,” Josh said with a smile. “Not to mention further developing the story of Skynet, John Henry, the Machine Faction and the Grey’s.”

“But most importanly J-A-M-E-R-O-N!!!” called out an exstatic Nattery Shydez.


I’m about as shocked as you are.

So watch in May when Fox announces Season 3.

Jameron: Future Chronicles

Oh and…April fools!