An in depth blog on the way not to blog.

Ross here, and I’ve finally come to the conclusion that some people have the wrong idea about blogging. Recently there has been a one two punch in Sarah Connor Chronicles blogging.

Located here LanieGrace On SCC1 and here LanieGrace on SCC 2.

In fact if you go to the main site here Main page. You will notice that she really has a beef with just about everything she’s written about. You’ll also notice that each article is designed to get people talking and generate all kinds of debate and conversation. That’s because no matter what she really just wants to get people to visit and talk about her articles.

She is writing her posts just to get hits, she’s writing her posts to get a rise out of Battlestar fans and SCC fans.

I hate to break it to you but blogging isn’t about getting the most hits, it’s about providing accurate and stimulating information. And hopefully getting noticed for that.

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