Today is the last day of my initial year of blogging. And what can I say other than I’m quite shocked that I’ve been blogging for a year. It almost snuck up on me and I nearly missed it.

I supposes I should make some sort of Blog-A-Versary promise but I’m not about to do that because if I do, then it probably won’t come true. However I can say with confidence that I will blog more frequently even though by the start of May I will be taking to the road. I will also blog more about my writing and my upcoming travels and experiences.

I just saw a commercial which in a round about way was for the Sarah Connor Chronicles during Lie To Me. Now to be entirely honest it was for Terminator Salvations’ 3 minute preview however it did mention the Season Finale of my favorite show and doggone it it’s not going to be something that you want to miss.

Recently I have been making predictions and tonight I am as well and you’ll find them after the break.
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