Well we finally made it to the end of Season 2 of Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles and of course we are unsure if there will be a Third Season. However what a doozy of a Season it has been and Born to Run written by series Creator Josh Friedman, was one heck of a capper.

Everything hinges together nicely but my brain still feels like it was put into a blender. Pieces that were brought into play in the finale were set up long in advance as far back in fact as The Demon Hand. Actually as far back one could say as Dungeons and Dragons.

In Dungeons and Dragons when Derek turns to face John in the Time Displacement Chamber the silhouette is clearly that of a Younger or Present Day John. And in The Demon Hand we have the exchange between John and Sarah where they exchange “I will always find you’s”.

And in Season 2 in Allison From Palmdale we learn of the Faction of Machines that wants peace. And John wants to join with them we find out in the Two Parter Today is the Day, a John we must assume is either not there…or just hasn’t arrived there from our perspective. The T-1001 awoken early, and who gives the no message to Jesse is revealed to be Catherine Weaver. And that leads us back into discussion of the finale itself.

This episode was all about Sacrifice.

On all fronts.

Sarah sacrifices John a number of times by saying he’s already dead.

The good Father sacrifices his Sanity and perhaps his honesty to help Sarah to contact John and Cameron.

Cameron sacrifices the illusion of her humanity to John by giving him the tour of her insides and also going on a rescue mission of Sarah against her explicit orders.

Catherine reveals all and sacrifices the illusion of her humanity to Ellison to help protect them all and hopefully help to save humankind.

Ellison hopefully sacrifices any doubt he had about what he’s seen and knows.

Cameron sacrifices herself for John Henry.

John sacrifices his relationship with his Mom by going to the Future with Catherine.

Sarah sacrifices herself from the protector Mother role as far as being a protector/mother to John is concerned. And places her trust in John and his choice and ironically enough even in a “Terminator Btich” to watch his back.

In the end we find ourselves in the future with John and when he uses his name we find out that John Connor is either totally unknown or flat out doesn’t exist in this timeline.

Well he does now. And it dovetails nicely with the Derek time machine out of focus John in Dungeons and Dragons.

It also posits a few alarming possibilities.

Not the least of which is it possible that John Connor would die in the past in Judgment Day and not go on to lead the Resistance?

As a writer I’m totally digging that possibility because it speaks to a possible Timeline Zero that these might very well be events BEFORE the first Terminator film now.

What a stunning show this has become. Fox needs to understand just what it is they’ve got and not kick it to the side.

Here is a way you can help because now it’s about all we can do: Learn what you can do…and DO IT.

What a stunningly awesome way to end a season and if need be end a series.

Hopefully we’ll see the show continue so we can see John learn to train for the war by living in the war for a while. So he can return to the present and take on Skynet there with new found knowledge.

Fox and WB do not kill the series…shop it around if you have to…but don’t let it die.

Ross Out.