There are times when things are brought to mind that I’m pretty certain I forgot to cover. This is one of those nights. Timstuff pointed out a post from March 10th by the VP of Fox Broadcasting Kate Arbit. Here is what she had to say about Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

There are various reasons for people to time-shift, and the action doesn’t make a program any less valuable-in fact it gives ratings a boost. TSCC is a Friday night program, the second least watched night of the week, and if the audience takes the time to playback the program than clearly there is some value to it. As far as fast forwarding goes, several studies have shown that fast forwarding does sometimes result in better recall than live viewing because viewers have to watch the ads, can’t switch the channel, to know when the next segment of the show begins. All this to say time-shifted viewing is not a bad thing it allows veiwers to stay current on their favorite shows at their leisure and practically guarantees the advertiser for its message to be seen across competitive programming.

I hope that she hasn’t forgotten this and I doubt she has. All signs have pointed and continue to point towards the inclusion of DVR numbers in FOX’s ratings overlook. And that DVR ratings will continue be part of the way that Fox determines the possibility of keeping SCC alive or not.

Here’s the original link.

And scroll down through the replies to Kate Arbit from Fox.