Ross here.

And we have a rating for Terminator Salvation and it’s a bit of a frustrating one to announce.

And here we go.

After the break is a copy of a picture from the Slashfilm article confirming this news, and I’ll tell you my honest opinion of the PG-13 rating. A Terminator film being rated PG-13 and just why I think it ended up being rated PG-13.


PG-13 is an interesting rating in that you can in certain cases get away with Nudity and rather grisly violence. Of course now-a-days you can behead people in a PG movie but we won’t get into that right now. Just in the past year we’ve had two really gritty PG-13 films one of them being TDK and the other being Quantum of Solace. Most people don’t think of QoS being particularly gritty or violent but Bond gets in a knife fight and kills Mr. Slate with a slice across the Jugular with some pretty copious blood…and later the villian Mr. Greene gets an Axe through the foot. And well we all know just how pushing the edge and dark TDK was.

That is how I expect Terminator Salvation to be. It’s going to borderline in violence, and themes and just because it’s PG-13 don’t count the much talked about Moon Bloodgood scene to disappear. I looked it up and such a scene falls comfortably within PG-13 guidelines. The fact of the matter is that MCG has compared this film to Children of Men, a very bleak look at the future and just because WB got gun shy on R-Rated tentpoles doesn’t mean that that all that much can really be changed. I still expect a chilling, shocking, spit drying film that tells an excellent story.

McG has always consistently said he was shooting and fighting for an R-rating and I’m not going to doubt him on that. In fact, when Salvation comes to DVD I’ll be getting his Unrated cut of the film. It’s not his fault that Salvation lost it’s R-rating not in the slightest. Warner Brothers said after Watchmen’s lackluster performance there would be no more R rated tentpoles, and unfortunately the axe comes down on Salvation first.

Personally to me it’s not the rating that really matters.

It’s the film that matters.The story that’s told and how it is portrayed and unfolds is what matters. Hyper violence and bad language rarely make a film better, but a script that is solid. Worked upon by such names as Shawn Ryan, Paul Haggis, and extensively rewritten by Jonathan Nolan is what matters. Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Michael Ironside, Anton Yelchin and Helena Bonham Carter giving there all, that’s what matters. Danny Elfman’s music that’s what matters. And McG’s breakout direction that seems to be on display in the trailers, that’s ultimately what matters.

Welcome to the Future War, I’m sure we’ll enjoy our stay.

Ross Out.