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Original Article: B.A.G. on SCC.

Every time someone, nay anyone posts about the possible demise of SCC I’ll admit that it frustrates me. Especially those that say it’s dead.

However it’s all about finding cool stuff and making your day around here on this occasion.

Comicbookresources interview with B.A.G. is a great read that offers a hope where bade is always just around the corner. A short excerpt from the interview linked above is after the break.

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Ross here.

N.A.S.A. held a contest to name a new room (node) on the International Space Station and the results are in.

But first a little history.

Things were going well until Stephen Colbert heard about it and got all of his viewers to ask the room to be named after HIM. At the time SERENITY was comfortably in the lead but that hope was blasted into so much Space Debris.

Last night on the Colbert Report astronaut Sunita Williams announced that, Colbert lost.


It seems that N.A.S.A. doesn’t name things after people, so phew, Colbert was foiled.

Congratulations Firefly fans!

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Well color me a little un-nerved it seems that a Private Reese is calling for extraction to be debriefed about an upcoming SKYNET ATTACK.

And it came right through the Skynet Research DCP

Just what is going on.