I’m back.

However whether or not Arnold is remains up in the air.

This article from Moviehole.net SCC and T4 news…POSSIBLE SPOILERS!explains all.

It has a short bit in the first section about SCC from none other than Mario Kassar but the lower part of the article interests me the most today.

I’ve hidden the spoilers after the break.

When McG says ‘jury’, he’s referring to the guys at ILM. As of a week ago, they had still not been able to effectively superimpose Schwarzenegger’s mug on top of actor/muscle-man Roland Kickinger’s body. Someone I know that has seen the film – about a month ago now – said the scene that Schwarzenegger would appear in, should ILM complete their mission in time, comes at the tail-end of the film. It’s a fight sequence in an industrial setting involving, of course, a naked T-800 (who we see mostly from behind –probably because they don’t want anyone to see that it isn’t Arnold in the part) and John Connor, going at it. It’s very clear that the character is supposed to be Arnold’s from the first-film, but Kickinger’s, er, back and behind, is billed.

Sounds Kickass.

Ross Out.