Holy freaking awesome!

Philips :: Carousel campaign (Adam Berg + Stink Digital) from Designloops on Vimeo.

About the video…this information is taken from /Film.

Directed by Adam Berg, Carousel is a 2 minute 19 second short film sponsored by Philips. Obviously inspired by Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, the film offers an exploration into one single frozen moment of time in a robbery gone wrong in one continuous tracking shot — A swat team has moved in to a decimated hospital, entering into a shootout with a bunch of robbers wearing sinister clown masks. Around 90 per cent of the footage and stunts were captured in camera.

Created entirely by Stink Digital
, this new interactive campaign promotes Philips’ latest entrant into the television market, the CINEMA 21:9. Berg conceived it to work as an endless loop. Visitors to the microsite therefore have the option to ‘spin’ through the film’s single take shot repeatedly, to stop on a specific frame, or to watch it at the preordained speed. The film also contains embedded hotspots, which, when triggered, transport the viewer seamlessly from the heavily posted film to a behind-the-scenes version of the same shot.