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Oh hell yes!

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles (Fox) (83.0%, 4,689 Votes)
Chuck (NBC) (14.0%, 766 Votes)
Southland (NBC) (9.0%, 493 Votes)
Dollhouse (Fox) (8.0%, 480 Votes)
Private Practice (ABC) (8.0%, 444 Votes)
Ghost Whisperer (CBS) (8.0%, 430 Votes)
Numb3rs (CBS) (8.0%, 429 Votes)
Parks & Recreation (NBC) (7.0%, 386 Votes)
Medium (NBC) (6.0%, 361 Votes)
Reaper (CW) (6.0%, 352 Votes)

Yeah we killed ass.

You Fox look over here…you might want to liste to us.

Ross Out.

Ross here.

cinebo on Youtube posted this new fan trailer. Telling all the fans what they can do and imploring Fox to pick up SCC for a Third Season.

Congrats cinebo Hadley mentioned this very Video on his Twitter and that’s how I found out about it.

And now it’s here, let’s unite and let Fox know that it’s up to THE FANS!

There is no fate but what me make for ourselves.

Ross Out.

Ross here and below is imbedded video of the aftermath left behind after humans attacked a Skynet Research Security camera at Keiths comics. I’ll have more to say after it so have a watch.

Irresponsible encouragement?

I have this to say…as “brave and daring” as such a move might be, what exactly is it going to accomplish?


Passioned rant continues after the break

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