Ross here and below is imbedded video of the aftermath left behind after humans attacked a Skynet Research Security camera at Keiths comics. I’ll have more to say after it so have a watch.

Irresponsible encouragement?

I have this to say…as “brave and daring” as such a move might be, what exactly is it going to accomplish?


Passioned rant continues after the break

Just as those who have disassembled their 101 Modules found that it does…NOTHING.

Whether or not we smash all the cameras that Skynet Research has out there will not matter. It will just prove that humans are reactive animals, who will smash what they don’t understand.

Taking out all the Cameras will do nothing to stop Skynet Research from doing whatever it is they’re doing.

In fact it seems their technology is so far advanced from anything we can touch that breaking all the cameras and smashing all the 101 Modules probably won’t be a blip on their radar. And not only that once again it just shows that vandalism of anything, yet alone something we barely understand, is a viable way to stand up and take the fight to a company we barely know.

If Skynet Research is truly the enemy then they are fighting at a level beyond that which we can approach. And if we don’t have the tech or knowledge to take them on now, we might want to more careful in case we provoke something that we can’t control or contain.

Once again…what’s the point.

What is untouchable will at some point become touchable. Don’t risk being caught trying to take out it’s eyes, wait until we have a chance to take out the heart.

Ross Out.