Alright I’ll freely admit to being rather confused by this whole hatred of Skynet research thing going on but I may have been wrong. I found a Skynet Research video earlier, which you might want to watch before I continue.

I had to watch it a number of times and it’s very…sterile and eerie. And right at the end there a series of flash frames of numbers.

I took some screen shots of this segment carefully getting each frame.

I suck at PShop but I found a combined version of the pictures and uploaded it to my own fileden account here.

Skynet Numbers Final Arrangement

After going to work on the code I realized after a while it was a simple Alpha Replacement code.

Right now I’m half tempted to take the Skynet DCPoff my computer.

But I won’t in case it gives us a headstart on what’s to come.

Anyhow the numbers break down like this.

e t r e i t i
n y e s n i a
s k a r c h t
e g j t s a e
m d u c e h p
e n t e t w o
y a d j o r p

Now start with the S in the third line down on the left. Next is K…then up to Y…then left to N…then up to E…then right to T.


Keep on going…the next word begins with R.

The next word begins with I.

The next begins with P.

And the next T.

And the next P.

Next J.

And finally D.

If you don’t want to figure it out for yourself…here’s the horrifying message.

Skynet Research Initiate Phase Two Project Judgement Day

Yeah…that’s right.

Judgement Day.

I am worried now, what’s going to happen next?

Ross Out.