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Ross again with news on the Sarah Connor front. And it’s perhaps the biggest news ever.

As fans we will NOT let this show die without putting up “one hell of a dogfight”. Not in a million years will we let this show slip off the map into obscurity and we are fighting like mad to save this show. Just how mad are we fighting? Just how determined are we to keep Sarah Connor Chronicles on the air?

Schmacky a friend of mine from Sarah Connor Society created a fan video for Fans to burn to DVD and send to Fox and WB to show our interest in the show. However it has NOT ended there, oh no, because we’re going above and beyond anything ever done before.

Now we’ve taken the fight even further to the following link at iReport iReport SCC Fan Video.

iReport is a site that is attached to none other than CNN.comthat’s right

Apparently a CNN Producer contacted Schmacky and asked her to get in contact with those involved in the Fan Video, to get their permission to rebroadcast it, nation wide.

Of course Schmacky got right on it and everyone involved agreed that the word needed to get out big time.

And now it’s been approved for use in CNN News!

So it could end up on or as a clip on CNN News!

Support the video at IReport and keep your eyes on CNN.

And remember- “There is no fate but what we make for ourselves”.

Ross Out.

Ross here with a to be quite frank strange infomercial that gets …creepier as it goes along.

Skynet Research Infomercial

Things start out normal but by the end…by the end.

There seems to be nothing we can do to stop it.

Ross Out.