Soldiers of the Resistance we did it. We voted long and hard and we won the cause with 53 percent of the final round vote. More than doubling the percentage of our nearest competitor Chuck. To be honest I don’t think that’s going to matter I think Chuck is fine but Fox needed to see us come out in force.

We needed to show them that we are a force to be reckoned with. We are a diehard group of fans and we are MUCH larger than people would care to admit. And with a S.O.S. campaign so multipronged I don’t even know all of our avenues of attack that’s saying something. I can tell you this though between now and May 18th Fox, Kevin Reilly and the rest will know that we exist and will hopefully “Listen and Understand.”

The SCC fans cannot be reasoned with and cannot be bargained with and will not stop until their show is renewed.

Here is a word of thanks from the linked article from Josh F. to all the fans. You can find much more at the above link.

When the results of your 300,000 votes came in, we called up Terminator show runner and executive producer Josh Friedman with the good news, and he told us exclusively, “I think I speak for everybody who works on the show when I say thank you to the fans for their tireless work to save our show. I think it really goes to show that there’s a really hard-core, emotional, passionate fan base for Terminator that is larger and more widespread than people give us credit for.”

Well said Josh.

We are The Resistance.

Ross Out.