Fans are fighting back in a new and interesting way starting today and you can join in too!

Fans are sending old microchips or pictures of micropchips from Remote Controls, Cell Phones and other household items. Go find and destroy a really old cell phone and pager.

The send them to Fox C/O Kevin Reilly along with a note saying: “Is this what John is looking for?”

I was just talking with a friend TerrasJ from SCS and we were thinking those of us who could afford to might want to get a cheap small FlashDrive. And on it place a recording of us saying: “Is this what John is looking for?”

Be creative but keep it chip or electronics based.

Here is the address to send these letters to.

ATTN: Kevin Reilly
10201 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Ph: 310-369-1000
Fx: 310-369-1283

The Fight for our tomorrow begins today.

Ross Out.