Ross here.

On Monday I will be starting a new take so to speak on my life. I won’t have a vehicle, and all I’ll be carrying will be on my back. To start with I’ll be making my way to Southern California, hopefully in time for the Salvation U.S. Premiere on the 14th.

After that we’ll see where things land.

I will miss updating this blog, however i am leaving you in the more than capable hands of TWO good friends from the boards at Sarah Connor Society. TerrasJ and Timstuff.

These fine gentlemen will be taking over upkeep of things here at Terminator News Network during this time of Franchise awesomeness. And I promise to keep folks updated on how things are going in my travels and through life, cause if I don’t I have other bloggers *COUGH*Allergygal AKA RoxyBisquiant*COUGH* who will hunt me down if I don’t.

So Sunday PM will be my last regular update for the time being…but rest assured you are in good hands, I wouldn’t leave this blog in the hands of anyone else.

And I want to thank them in print, right here, for stepping up and helping a fellow fan out. You guys are awesome.

And you readers, you’re awesome too.

This is not a goodbye, it is simply a see you later, as will my last post be on Sunday. Now I gotta hit the sack cause it’s nearly 3 A.M.

Ross Out.