Terminator 4 Contest @ CHUD.com

This entry’s a couple days old – May 4th, 2009, it flew under my radar, I was busy outside while the weather was good.

Anyways, the scoop here is CHUD.com is hosting a mega huge T4 contest, with more prizes than SkyNet’s got active Terminators, or just about. You’d best visit the page for all the details, but here’s the gist of it:

1. Rank the Terminator films in the order of your most to least favorite and where you think the new one will fit in.

2. Tell me about your first experience with the franchise, whether it be from film, TV, or video game and how it made an impact.

3. Take a look at THE OFFICIAL SITE. What aspect of it do you think is the coolest?.

4. Tell me why CHUD.com is your movie website of choice and which feature (aside from contests) is your favorite.

And the prizes include:
Oakley AP Backpack 3.0 – ARV $140
Terminator Salvation Teaser Poster – ARV $20
Terminator Head Paperweight in Tin – ARV $40
Terminator Salvation: The Official Movie Souvenir Magazine – ARV $10 ea
HEXBUG® Micro Robotic Creatures (The robotic creatures that react to touch and sound; light and sound; or your control!) – ARV $15 ea
Terminator Head Key Chain – ARV $15 ea
“Join the Resistance” Men’s Tees – ARV $20 ea
“Join the Resistance” Women’s Tank Tops – ARV $18 ea
Terminator Salvation Vintage Hats with Silver Stitch – ARV $20 ea
Terminator Salvation Stainless Steel Water Bottle – ARV $20 ea
Terminator Salvation 3GB USB Dog Tags – ARV $20 ea

Thats a whole lotta swag to be won, with the grand prize being the backpack, valued at $140.

Good luck everyone 🙂

– TerrasJ