Heya all, this is TerrasJ reporting in,

I admit, (and its plain to see,) I haven’t been very up to date with the any and all things news about Terminator, this is certainly a crash-course in trying to fill in for a lifestyle Rossbondreturns has been well suited to.

I’ll still do what I can, if it means playing a bit of catch up with some news if there still is any to be found and report. As it seems, everywheres else already gets and is readily able to post the info at moment’s notice. And I’m probably right that even Allergygal could’ve and would’ve been more on the ball than me and Timstuff, and there’d have been better justice done for this blog, (even if it meant the probability of Ross’s fears of this site getting turned into a Sarah Connor [insert descriptive verb, noun, and adjective here]).

But, more importantly and critical issue of the hour: Where is Rossbondreturns???

Are you alright guy? How are you holding up?

We talked to you prior to your departure to L.A for the T4 Premier, a brave adventurous roadtrip by hitchhiking. You reported in and post it once or twice enroute. Yet Opening night has come and gone, and you’ve been out of communication since.

We just hope your alive and well, and on your way returning safely.

This is a shout-out just for you. Make it home safe man.

TerrasJ signing out for tonight.