So I have 8 Minutes to review Slavation.


Okay my short review. I loved it to death and was everything I could have hoped for and more.

McG really made a movie I’m proud to add to my collection. It looks like nothing we’ve seen in the series before. The shot from outside the Transporter as it moves towards Skynet City gets me every time. (Just before Reese’s “Stay alive up here and in here” line. The film looks fantastic.

The script is also well written and rewards repeat viewings (3 so far for me) I’ve noticed something new everyime.

The action and desolation, despair and hope are all captured brilliantly and the performances and second to none.

4 mins left.

Hmmm I really dug the soundtrack as well.

Where does this fit in my order of things.


Yeah that’s right. T2 has not grown well for me.

Later guys.

I’m Out.


Totla global B.O. is 207 Mill plus…and rising.