So yes, my laptop was stolen.

In fact it’s about a month to the day since my laptop was stolen and there isn’t a day when I wish I hadn’t taken out that extra coverage for a year for whatever pittance it was.

So what have I learned from that?

That a 2 GB USB stick drive can hold all of the stuff you remembered to back up. If you’re wondering that’s One film script 2 drafts in Final Draft and 2 Drafts in Word Doc.

Yeah…that’s it.

So what am I planning on doing for my next trick? That’s where you have to click on more.

Work in So Cal is practically non existant, however once I’ve saved up some money whenver that might be I’m going to make a payment. And then once I’ve saved up more money I’ll probably make another.

Eventually however I will in all likelyhood get myself a Netbook.

Right now gaming and such are NOT anywhere on my radar however a Netbook would be perfect.

I could get to writing again, I’d get to stay longer online, I’d get to fill out more online applications.

Am I writing?

Yes. Longhand. Three subject notebook divided thusly.

Section One: Daniel Rayburn Adventures
Section Two: Dark Angel Maximum
Section Three: Praise Music Lyrics/Poetry/Random Thoughts.

I have a notebook in my pocket for Terminator ideas.

Such is life.

Ross Out.

God Bless.