Since I saw Terminator Salvation for my third and unfortunately final time, (not having a good income kinda ruined my viewing chances) I’ve constantly been seeing variations of the following phrase hither and yon across the internet.

I enjoyed the movie but the script sucked.

I could be really snarky and say no and point you to the post for the movie script that applies to. Right here. Now this “Script” Sucks.

Why not.

One of my fave quotes from the boards at Terminator Files was: “There is NO LOGIC in Terminator Salvation”.

No Logic I thought…really…not a lick. Alright If you so believe. However just believing in something does not make it true.

The truth of the matter is that there’s plenty of logic to be found in Terminator Salvation. But if you have any issues with the film it begins to becomes harder to find said logic. Just a note to you the reader, I will over 3 posts be going over the three acts of the script in detail (generally just the stuff I can conceive some people having problems with).

There isn’t much in the prologue that seems to tick people off.

Yes Marcus is in the facility under the Skynet VLA he is inactive at the time of the attack.

According to the dialogue and the computer designs the T-800 is Worse…AKA More dangerous. This makes sense if you ask me as this Skynet had a jumpstart in Tech.

The Explosion that rips apart the underground facility is NOT NUCLEAR. There is no EMP that downs Connor’s Helicopter. What happens is the blast wave of air from the explosion knocks Connor’s helicopter out of control and it clips one of the damaged VLA dishes which sends it ass over teakettle upside down and to the ground.

Connor finally kills that Pesky T-600.

I read somewhere that John leaping out of the back of the Osprey into high seas is impossible. Not is it very possible, it is done in the exact manner it should be. Arms close to the body, legs straight and together allowing the body to knife into the water.

W find out about “The Signal” this is planted in the information that Connor’s Team hacks from the VLA Assault. Planted because Skynet knows that Humans will be dumb enough to use it, because they want an easy out from the hell they’ve created. And since Skynet both programmed the Signal and it’s Machines it’s Machines will act as they should when the Signal is triggered.

The blessed hit list.

Skynet has John Connor and Kyle Reese on their “Hit List”.

I suppose the problem comes about because they assume that Skynet has somehow figured out of the relationship between John Connor and Kyle Reese. In fact John Connor himself makes note of this in the film.

“Kill Kyle Reese no John Connor”. (Which is in fact total B.S. they’d still be a John Connor he just wouldn’t be fathered by Kyle Reese…big whoop).

But in fact the reason that Kyle and John are on the list is Much simpler, it goes like this.

John Connor is on the list because he’s a very successful soldier whose Tech Com team is doing great damage to Skynet Assets, whenever he comes across them. In fact he’s number two because Skynet realizes he’s a greater Danger than all the other Resistance leaders.

Kyle Reese is on that list because he’s more dangerous to Skynet than even John Connor. Why? Because this kid has pretty much fought Skynet with so much skill and ability in L.A. that it’s driving Skynet to anger one could say. One could also Say that Skynet might have noticed a great similarity in the way that John Connor and Kyle Reese go about business.

This could mean there is some kind of potential link between them. Therefore Kyle is number one on the list, he’s a dangerous enigma, all the more for being a carbon copy of a young John Connor.

Skynet creates Marcus to determine if there is a greater connection between John Connor and Kyle Reese. Therefore Skynet awakens Marcus at a location that makes it have to make a journey to Los Angeles where it will without a doubt meet up with Kyle Reese.

Once that happens information is probably sent out unknown to Marcus that Kyle Reese has been spotted.

I believe the Aerostat in the short Jeep chase is simply UPLOADING NEW MORE COMPLETE DATA to Skynets existing Database on Kyle Reese. So Skynet knows the direction Reese is traveling.

Oh and in case you were wondering the Building that Collapsed when the Aerial H/K flew past fell because of structural weakening from J-Day to 2018 combined by the vibrations caused by the H/K’s passing.

We make it to the 7-11. A lot of people have issues with how fast the Transporter and it’s passenger the Harvester arrive. This is generally known as nitpicking. It has at this time been flying for hours and just now caught up with our traveling companions. It then swoops in and drops off the Harvester. The Harvester commences Harvesting.

If you were watching closely you’d see the primitive Plasma shot causes the vehicles it’s about to blast to smithereens to glow brighter and give off and energy discharge not unlike the lightning that accompanies a timesphere. I thought that was a nice touch for the early plasma blasts.

The large explosion as Kyle Marcus and Star escape in the tow truck is larger than the Harvester itself and swallows it from view in the overhead shot.

As far as I’m concerned there’s nothing much to discuss in the Tow Truck/Mototerminator Chase until the end.

On the bridge the Tow Truck comes to a jarring stop this tosses Kyle and Star from the cab of the truck and sends them dropping into the Harvesters hands. Revealing that the Transport landed afer the picked up the Harvester, followed the chase, co-ordinated with the other Aerial H/K on where the intercept would take place so it could be in position to have the Harvester capture it’s targets.

Marcus tries to rescue them but gets grabbed and slammed by the Harvester.

Williams and Mirhadi come in to give help in their Warthogs and shoot the Harvester up so it drops Marcus who slides off the Transport. To the river below where he bounces like a skipping stone. Before coming to a stop.

Williams and Mirhadi take out one Aerial H/K….and another is dropped off from the underside of the Transport. It quickly takes out Mirhadi and engages in a dogfight with Williams. Finally forcing her to eject as her Warthog disentigrates around her. The engine skipping on impact with the river and barreling into Marcus.

The Transport motors away and at Resistance H.Q.Kate notes it’s direction and heading which they all know by heart. Needless to say none of them are happy.

End of Act One

Please note I left out a good number of scenes none of which I found any issue with.

Ross Out.