There are those who know me from years of IM’s…or from Terminatorfiles Messageboards that claim I often take the entire Terminator Mythos too seriously. Well I’ve chosen to listen, to an extent. Through each Rantinator posting I will offer my take on important issues within the Terminator universe. From lines, to characters to events. And while ranting on them I will also be pointing out important ideas or my takes on ideas as I go along.

Today I will be Ranting on the following.

So, it’s from the future, is
that right?

One possible future. Four your
point of view. I don’t know the
tech stuff.

The above line is from the 4th Draft of The Terminator and many people treat it as simply a throw away line. But it’s a lot more than that. A great deal more.

First it states that The Terminator comes from a possible future. This in turn means that Kyle comes from the same Possible future.

Why is that so damned important? Find out why after the break.

It’s so important simply because it’s stating the Kyle and the T-800 come from a Possible future. This possible future has probably been changed simply by The T-800 and Kyle coming back through time.

In fact I’m not the only one that thinks this. No I have backup. I have James Cameron on my side too.

Basically, what I wanted to say in Terminator 2 was that everything is meant to be a certain way, everything has already been written. You can call it karma or destiny, whatever. So I asked myself a hypothetical question: what if you could you grab a line of history like it’s a rope stretched between two points, and just pull it out of the way? If you can pull it just a little bit out of the way then cut it at that moment, maybe you could change it and history could go in a slightly different direction. Like the catastrophe theory. If you could actually do that you would get a future that no longer exists except in the memories of the people who are here now. They have a memory of a future that will never happen, which is curious, because it defies our Newtonian view of the world. But couldn’t it be possible? That became my point of departure. It’s like the Terminator is an anomaly of our time because he’s the only one who has memories of a time that will never exist. His particular future does not exist anymore.

Yes he’s talking about T2…but think about it for one fucking second. We as a collective of fans have ALWAYS assumed that The T-800 (from T1) The T-800 in T2 and the T-1000 in T2 were sent back from the same fucking future. Am I the only one who sees the problem with this assumption?

Let’s see IF the T-800 from T1 was from One Possible future (Along with Kyle). And they came back…and changed the PAST….would they not have come back from a changed future simply from the T-800 Skynet sent reaching the past first?

On top of that even if the T-1000 was sent right after the T-800 would it not have arrived in a changed past as well?

Or…do we just give Cameron the benefit of the doubt and just say well. Once all the time travel is done with then that Future that would have been will now NOT HAPPEN.

Now we’re certainly rolling towards an unknown future we could say.

Of course this itself is where the Great Fanboy Chasmopens it’s fracture across the Terminator community because you have the two crowds on opposite ends of the spectrum.

The Cameron or Nothing crowd states that this quote from Mr. Cameron is stating that there is no story left to tell. The book is closed there is no future anymore. I sealed it up, there is no need for a future war. No more talk about the future, I’m smart and I’m King of the World.

The Hello It’s a TIME TRAVEL story crowd states that this quote from Mr. Cameron is simply stating that ONE VERSION of the future….the one that these characters appeared from has been lost. But another one has to Bloody Well take their place because a time travel story CANNOT end in the present but must continue on until such a time as the instigating event CAN HAPPEN in one version or another.

Here’s what I think.

I think that the Original future is gone, I think that events now can take on new and interesting directions. I think that this benefits the story because it means that no character is safe, it means that the future can be as different and dangerous as it wants to be. It means that I won’t out of necessity get bored because I cannot know the future or what’s coming.

To quote another favorite series of films that begins with the letter T…Tremors.

“It’s a new ballgame a whole new goddamned ballgame”.

It damned well better be because a loop makes no fucking sense.

And you can quote me on that.

I’ve said my part…now say yours. Do you agree…do you hate my guts…comment below and I’ll do my best to repond in a timely manner.

Rant over.