Some people are under the illusion that Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles is dead.

These people would in fact be wrong.

The truth of the matter is that SCC will NOT die, it won’t- except when Jesus comes and ends time. But other than that SCC will in fact NOT die.

Why is that? Simply because we’re exceedingly dedicated fans, and exceedingly dedicated fans don’t roll over like a Possum when attacked by a Fox.

No folks indeed we do not play Possum with Mr. Fox we simply play hardball. We simply shake our heads at Mr. Fox’s ineptitude, lock and load our creativity for a barrage of Save Our Show events and continue to kick ass because Sarah Connor made us do it.

There is however a question that remains to be answered. What will we call our global network of fans? The Resistance surely? I would have agreed until I got wind of another more stand alone and interesting name Chroniclers.

After the break I’ll break down the positives and negatives of each choice and have a poll where you can vote. We’ll probably have polls elsewhere as well asking the same question over the next few days. So without further Ado:

The Resistance

It’s well known. Really it’s been part of the series since the series existed. It’s a sign of defiance against authority, generally the Machines- in this case all those who had a hand in screwing over SCC.

It’s been a uniting factor. The fanbases for SCC around the globe have been picking up in joining the Resistance themselves. While it has a differnet name in each country the Resistance is truly WORLDWIDE.


It’s TOO well known. Seriously there is just so much Resistance out there, so many groups that have nothing in fact to do with SCC itself. For that reason if we were to name ourselves The Resistance we wouldn’t stand out as a separate entity from all the other Terminator fans.

It’s not terribly creative. And if there’s one thing we can all agree on it was that SCC was very creative. Personally I’d be a bit disappointed that we as fans couldn’t think of something a bit more original that just calling ourselves The Resistance.


It’s very creative.Just as the show is creative our name for our collective of fans should be creative. You can think of Chroniclers as fans who take bold new directions, who Chronicle new pathways for the show. It is also a play on the shows title, smart I would say as well as creative.

It sets us apart from other Terminator groups. Being a Chronicler would be very distinctive. We wouldn’t be just another Resistance club for one thing and that’s a HUGE plus in my book. The name would set us apart as being fans of Sarah Connor Chronicles.


A Fanbase name should come from the fans! Chronicler came from a blog post by Ashley Miller which has cheesed a number of fans on the boards at SCS off. (I would like to point out that The Resistance doesn’t come from fans either ;)). But I do kind of understand where this insistence that the fans name their fandom comes from.

It’s hard to say!/Sounds Dorky!Now to be one hundred percent honest I do not get this statement at all. I have no issues whatsoever saying Chronicler however I can freely admit that it sounds Dorky. And it should seeing as it came from the mind of a writer and us writers are for lack of a better word…more dorky than most.

On the Poll I will be placing a third option…Sarah’s Slammers which comes from the comics.

So would you choose any of them? Put your own in the comments section? Like to remain anonymous?