Argueably Warner Brothers has had a horrible year box office wise. Watchmen and Terminator Salvation failed to perform up to expectations. Shockingly so on both counts if you ask me. Both films were for the most part well reviewed, well made and well written. And yet they tanked at the B.O. (Domestically) because their fanbase in the case of Watchmen was I suppose too narrow. While in the case of Salvation just failed to show up like a bunch of Cameron babies who know they won’t get their Cameron fix yet just can’t or won’t accept something else.

Now I’m not saying they’ll not be a Salvation sequel…not at all. International box office was predicably higher as has been the cae for every Terminator film I believe. And along with book sales, computer/videogames and all of the collectabells (why is spell check not working) not to mention DVD/BluRay. Salvation will likely be fine, and make more money than needed to get a sequel rolling. Not to mention that MGM might be in charge of the next one anyway should WB choose not to return.

At this time though something may turn the tide in Salvations favor, and it’s another Sequel in a Stellar series. Harry Potter 6. How can that help us you say? Find out after the break.

But now…right now all eyes are on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and with 22.2 million bucks from midnight showings only, we know it’s going to do serious bank. And that serious bank could alleviate a lot of the poor box office blowback, from Salvation.

This can only be a good thing. Should Potter make the kind of insane money it looks like it’s destined for, not to mention WHOPPING international numbers it could take WB’s attention off it’s other collapsed tentpoles.

So yes, I think Harry Potter will be Terminator’s Salvation.