For a long time I’ve believe in McG when he stated that he wasn’t shooting Salvation for a specific rating…be it R or PG-13.

People were saying PG-13 since a story from Variety about a Playmates Toy Contract hit.

Which meant diddly squat since T2 which was rated R had children(s) toys also.

And now whaddya know with the DVD release coming the film has a new rating…and again gee whiz…would you look at that…it’s R.

UGO piece on Salvations New(old) rating.

So what does this mean?

You notice that this Directors cut of the film is NOT being labeled UNRATED like every other such cut. It is being re-rated to R. In other words the film is being Re-Rated to R for DVD release.

In other words what we had before was pretty much studio shenanigans. It is common now for the studio to push for a PG-13 rating (not to mention shorter runtime) to produce more cash.

Not only that but reading over the MPAA’s rules for rating a little while ago I made note that basically: A film that’s rated R can be rated PG-13 if the majority of people (who are rating said film) choose to give it such rating.

Yeah I’ll give you one or two guesses about what I think originally happened to Salvation.

The FACT that the DVD release has been re-branded R points to the above possibility as being more than likely.

So…Terminator Salvation is Rated R now…as it should be.

Ross Out.