The joys of writing in TXT SPK.

New news from the fine folks over at savethescc and you can find their original news post here- Step in the Right Direction.

Basically their trusted source who prefers to remain unnamed let them know that a division of Warner Brothers Entertainment called Warner Premiere that specialize in Direct-to-DVD releases is “seriously considering” a follow up movie to The Sarah Connor Chronicles!

What’s standing in their way?

That would be the recent legal issues surrounding Halcyon Company in regards to Terminator rights. It has caused some hesitation among the powers that be.

So what can we as fans do?

Stand by for action that’s what.

Savethescc will be in contact again shortly and they are planning a huge push to show WB and specifically Warner Premiere that the interest is there and the fans are more than ready to fork out dough for a continuation to IMHO…the best damn show that should still be on T.V..

Watch this space.

Wrnr Brthrs Sve the SCC on DVD, PLS.

Ross Out.