So there are fans who dislike T3: RoTM and Terminator: Salvation, this should not surprise anyone. There are those who actually like the films but feel they sully, as in cheapen, Cameron’s first two films. I can understand that, but I just wanted to point out that there IS a way to enjoy them no matter how you look at the series.

You see James Cameron himself gave a way for everyone to split the series apart. And it’s been there since the end of Terminator 2, let’s see what he has to say.

I’ll start with words from James Cameron himself.

They come from this link. James Cameron on T2.

“Basically, what I wanted to say in Terminator 2 was that everything is meant to be a certain way, everything has already been written. You can call it karma or destiny, whatever.

So I asked myself a hypothetical question: what if you could you grab a line of history like it’s a rope stretched between two points, and just pull it out of the way? If you can pull it just a little bit out of the way then cut it at that moment, maybe you could change it and history could go in a slightly different direction. Like the catastrophe theory. If you could actually do that you would get a future that no longer exists except in the memories of the people who are here now. They have a memory of a future that will never happen, which is curious, because it defies our Newtonian view of the world. But couldn’t it be possible?

That became my point of departure. It’s like the Terminator is an anomaly of our time because he’s the only one who has memories of a time that will never exist. His particular future does not exist anymore.

Wow, did you just read what I read?

The Future of T1 and T2 no longer exists.

What am I getting at?

What Cameron has done here is placed a natural break in the series. He’s saying look These two films are My Terminator story, and that’s it. I’ve even changed the future…that future doesn’t exist anymore. Any new films will have to take place in an entirely different future.

When asked about Terminator 3 James Cameron said this (Paraphrased): Terminator 3 was a good movie. I may not have done the same thing in the same way but I enjoyed it.

The general consensus from Cameron fans was ohe he’s just being nice…or he’s gone senile.

The fact of the matter is that he view his two films as safe…so he can see newer films and enjoy them for what they are.

Doorways to ANOTHER future.

So if you have to enjoy the series by splitting them into Cameron…and other guys…do it.

Just do what Cameron does.